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Mike Ditka - Hall of Fame Coach
- Chicago Bears
Jerry Reinsdorf-Owner Chicago Bulls &
Chicago White Sox
Bobby Jenks - Chicago White Sox
Mike Adamle and Dave at the
Special Olympics Polar Plunge!
Dan Hampton - Chicago Bears Hall of Fame #99
Performing with "The Hat Guys"
Ronald McDonald
Frank Thomas & Ron Karkovice,
Chicago White Sox
RW McQuarters & Anthony Thomas-Chicago
Flying Karamotzov Brothers
Steve Kerr - Chicago
John Paxton-Chicago Bulls
Neil Cots - Chicago Cubs/Sox
Richard Dent-Chicago Bears
Phil Jackson-Coach Chicago Bulls
Dennis McKinnen - Chicago Bears
Bill Wennington-Chicago Bulls
Elton Brand - Chicago Bulls
Marcus Fiser - Chicago Bulls
WBEZ Annoying Music Radio Show
Dave as an Elf with Fabio?
Bill Cartwright - Chicago Bulls
Bob Love - Chicago Bulls
Tim Floyd - Bulls Former Head Coach
Denis Savard - Chicago Blackhawks
Dave on the set of NBC's Chicago PD with
Jason Beghe & Jon Seda
Itzak Pearlman - Legondary Violinist
Kid Rock Looks Up to Dave
Dave and Brian Urlacher
entertain at a charity event